Pinewood Derby Timer

Hello - the Pinewood Derby Timer (PDT) and all the associated resources are being moved from my old domain to this new one, Please let me know if you experience any issues during this transition.

Thanks - David (Sep 2018)

Timer Overview

The Pinewood Derby Timer (PDT) is an Arduino based track timer with a robust and flexible design which allows it to be easily constructed and modified to meet your specific needs. Features of the PDT include:

Interfacing the PDT to software running on a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) allows races to be managed and allows you to record and archive car run times as you test and tune your Pinewood Derby car(s).  See the Software page for details.  PDT is currently compatible with the following software:

A sample of PDT implementations is shown below and you can visit the Timer Builds page for more examples.

Pack 317 (Peoria, Illinois)

Philadelphia Church of God (Southern California)

46th Kingswood, 1st Longwell Green (Bristol UK)

PDT is developed on an ongoing basis and welcomes user feedback.  A few features recently added to the PDT:

More Information

Use the links below or the menu at the top of the window to see more information on building and using the PDT:

Timer Construction

Information and photos to aid in the construction of the PDT including circuits, wiring and the hardware enclosure.

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Timer Software

Configuration of the timer sketch for the PDT including interfacing the timer to race management software running on a PC.

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Timer Builds

Showcase of different timer builds by cub scout packs, individuals and other organizations.

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Timer Help

Problems or have a question? Check here for a list of commonly asked questions and other troubleshooting tips.

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Derby Store

A selection of items (components, boards, cables, etc.) to aid in the construction of the PDT are available for purchase along with other Pinewood Derby related products.

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Last updated: 16 Sep 2018